Faten Attig Bahar

Public Relations Manager

Faten Attig Bahar is a PhD candidate in Applied mechanics and Solar systems at Polytechnic School of Tunisia and holder of an Energy engineering degree from ENIM( National Engineering School of Monastir).

She is very active Socially through many international and Tunisian NGOs: Young earth system scientists organization ( YESS community – Outreach group ) and UCA ( United College Association ) advisor, Head of the Communications and External Relationships department at the “Friends of Books and Libraries Association of Tunis” where her mission was to build ties with other national and local NGOs in order to have the biggest possible impact.

She is also an Author who had contributed in many cultural projects for children. she participated in the FSP (Priority Solidarity Fund which was launched by the Tunisian Ministry of Culture and the French Embassy in Tunis in 2006. ) project as a writer. she wrote and translated many books from French to Arabic. Currently she has more than 13 published books for children.

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