Chinedu Ohanyere

Project Manager

I hold an MSc in Sustainable Development and Climate Change, a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management a BSc (Hons) and National Diploma in Civil and Environmental Engineering with office, site/field, project and operations management experiences. My desire to be ‘a Globalized Sustainable Project Manager’ is evident both on my curriculum vitae and work experiences as I have combined technical, practical, theoretical education and gained invaluable experiences both at consulting offices in West and Southern Africa, on various sites and in various types of operations.

As a pioneer alumnus of the prestigious Africa Climate and Development Initiative at the University of Cape Town, my intention is to contribute positively to the future of organizations, institutions and/or businesses by combining my multidisciplinary skills to the issues of project sustainability because I do not believe in the “silo mentality” kind of approach to work.

Being born and bred in Africa I have witnessed how poorly executed and managed projects affect people they are meant for and the environment within which they exist. This experience helped mould my disposition to an ambitious kind which when combined with the wealth of knowledge at my disposal enables me proffer a different dimension of thinking – a rare kind that is people, environment and sustainable centric. In effect I am currently working towards a doctorate degree (PhD) in the sustainability of project and construction management.

As a proponent of working with/in diverse multidisciplinary groups in order to achieve desired goals, I have recorded lots of successes in being part of multimillion dollar projects and processes as I have worked on and delivered projects in extremely remote/rural as well as urban areas in South Africa and Nigeria. I am also very passionate about success in addition to having a strong work ethic and commitment to leaving a legacy wherever I find myself.

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