Ms Kelello Pule

Media Team Lead


Kelello Pule was born in Mokhotlong, Lesotho on the 15th October 1988. She received the LLB Degree from the National University of Lesotho (NUL) in 2012 where she graduated with an award for best performer in Customary Law. In 2015 she received the LMM Degree in Environmental Law and a Credit for Non-Degree Purposes in Research Methodology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her area of research was Environmental Management and the title of her dissertation was ‘The Obligation on Environmental Authorities to Consider Socio-economic Factors in EIAs; a Critical Examination of s24 of NEMA

She is an Advocate of the High Court, Lesotho. She is a member of Green Shift Africa and a member of Lesotho Federation for Women Lawyers. In addition she is a regular contributor to Sandton Journal and her recent paper was entitled: Industrial and commercial waste not the only contributor to climate change ‘your domestic house waste too’. She is an enthusiastic twitter follower of Green Shift Africa, UNEP and likes their Facebook pages respectively.

She is a conservationist who is intrigued and fascinated by debates, that center around environmental conservation on one hand and economic growth and social upliftment on the other hand-sustainable development. The two are always at loggerheads and therefore she aspires to be part of any movement, that sensitizes, lobbies, and educate the general public about the need to integrate environmental conservation and economic growth for a better greener tomorrow.

Her other areas interest are climate change, Biodiversity, public participation, democracy and human rights.

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