Dr Mary Baaru

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Mary Baaru is a lecturer and researcher at Kenyatta University, School of Environmental Studies with a PhD in Dryland Resource Management from University of Nairobi, MSc in Environmental studies (Agroforestry and Rural Development) and BSc in Agriculture.

She is a PI in USAID funded project, PEER Science Cycle 2 (Grant# 335) (Unlocking Agricultural Potential in Drylands: Enhancing efficient utilization of soil moisture for improved smallholder farm productivity in ASALs of Kenya).

She was key in developing a recently Kenyan programme funded by Adaptation Fund in (Integrated Programme to Build Resilience to Climate Change & Adaptive Capacity of Vulnerable Communities In Kenya, AF Project ID: KEN/NIE/Multi/2013/1), where through Kenyatta University, she will be implementing the component, capacity building and knowledge management.

She also earned Post-Doc funding from National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation. During 2013 African Women in Research and Development (AWARD), she emerged one of the 10 finalists under women in science category.

Before joining academia, she worked in the ministry of agriculture with farmers and latter at ministry headquarters as budget coordinator. Her interests are on conservation of the finite natural resources in a changing climate, prevention and restoration of degraded environments through smart management strategies and equipping the next generation in sustainable resource utilization.

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