Mr. Achille Djeagou

Regional Coordinator – Central Africa

Achille Djeagou is a forestry, REDD+ and climate change regional expert with an academic background – B.Sc. Informatics and a post graduate diploma of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in International Environmental Law, Policy and Natural Resource Governance.

Mr. Djeagou has worked in the natural resources management (NRM) and forestry sector for more than 12 years and is registered for an MSc in Environmental economics at the Regional Centre for advanced Agricultural and Forestry Training (CRESA). His career to date has taken him all over Central, West and East Africa working with forest management companies, government agencies and local actors advising them on how to clean up their supply chains from illegally harvested products as a driver of deforestation and monitoring their compliance to set requirements including social and environmental criteria’s (International environmental law, National Legality Matrix, European Timber Regulation (EUTR), Lacey Act, etc.).

Working in donor funded projects, he provided technical contributions to countries and regions aiming to improve the implementation of sustainability guidelines for both – the government and the private sector. As a Forest Stewardship Council lead auditor instructor on Environmental, Social and Economics pillars of sustainable development, he trained 57 Forest Management and Chain of Custody auditors in Africa including senior government officials and the training of more than 250 local actors such as community leaders, CSO and NGO representatives. Thus, he conducted trainings on all levels as in community forestry, REDD+, climate change, and benefit sharing at local and regional levels

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