This Week is Global Green Business Week (24-31 Oct)

The “Ecopreneurs for the Climate” gather this week in 14 different countries to leverage sustainable businesses tackling climate change. GREEN SHIFT AFRICA commemorates Global Week of Green Businesses and the Climate Movement.

October 24, 2016

All throughout this week (October 24-30), 20 cities from 14 countries across the world are taking part in “Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2016” (, the 2016 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement (#ECO4CLIM16 in twitter); aimed at boosting the creation and scaling up the impact of cooperative, sustainable, and sound businesses solving the climate riddle.

#ECO4CLIM16 one-day events bring together ecopreneurs, SMEs, activists and NGOs, media, public institutions, and experts to identify climate-related challenges faced by communities, and outline green business opportunities to address them. Moreover, existing business solutions and high-potential ideas are presented at the Climate Champion Awards, with winners receiving multiple prizes such as interviews by international media, mentoring by global partners, or the chance to participate in the COP22 Climate Summit in Marrakech, on November 7-18.

Today, Madrid (Spain) and Yerevan (Armenia) open proceedings. Tomorrow, it will be the turn of Lomé (Togo), Mahdia (Tunisia), Loutraki (Greece), and Berlin (Germany). Valencia (Spain) on Wednesday. Port Elisabeth (South Africa), Oviedo and Seville (Spain) will carry the torch on Thursday. Friday will bring Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Cape Town (South Africa), and Reading (England). Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Vigo (Spain), Birzeit (Palestine) and Winterveld (South Africa) to follow on Saturday. With Tokyo (Japan) and Salé (Morocco) putting the icing on the cake on Sunday.

As it evolves, this “glocal” movement is becoming a global network of climate innovation labs, where multi-stakeholder co-creation “climathons” will be complemented by global online crowdsourcing contests, adding world-class innovation and talent. Also, climate innovation journeys across the network will nurture the exchange and replication of best practices and impactful models, as well as the forging of meaningful international partnerships. The first of these activities are planned for the spring of 2017, with some ticket-selling crowdfunding campaigns already underway.

“Ecopreneurs for the Climate” is rooted on the leadership of its climate organizers, working at the intersection of business and civil society in their communities; the extensive support provided by its sustainable business networks; and the wide reach of its global partners, including Impact Hub, SwitchMed, Green Shift Africa,, GreenEcoNet, and the NESI Forum.

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