Mrs. Mesenbet shenkute

Advisory Board Member

My name is Mesenebt shenkute. I am an Ethiopian. I have BA degree in Management and public Administration from the Addis Ababa University and an MBA from the Open University, United Kingdom. My experience in the Development Bank of Ethiopia immediately after obtaining my BA degree has given me the opportunity to understand what sustainable development means. It has also given me the chance of exercising transformational leadership in a banking industry where there are no women leaders since banking is introduced in the country.

In the Development Bank of Ethiopia, I have played pivotal role in changing the bank through business process re-engineering. Later on when I was promoted to the level V/President of Credit Management, I was engaged in several developmental projects, which have an impact on the Nation’s economic development as well on the environment. This is the time where I have developed a sense of commitment on the preservation of both society and the environment and be enlightened with carbon finance

After having served for 26, years in the development bank of Ethiopia I joined a private bank, Abay Bank S.C. Starting from its formation as founder up to my appointment as the bank’s President. I lead the bank for five years and ten months and transferred the leadership to my successor on August 2015. As the only woman president of a bank in the country I am proud of what I have achieved in my term as President in such a tight, challenging and demanding responsibility as a woman. Among the number of products I encouraged to be introduced in the bank one of them is carbon finance. While I was in the bank, pre-feasibility study on carbon trade and carbon finance has been proposed to be implemented in 2016.

After my resignation from Abay Bank, I have obtained my certificate in Business Management consultancy and currently I am advising business enterprises and in the mean time I am on the process of forming Micro Finance Bank which targets those entrepreneurs engaged in CDM projects (Clean Development Mechanism) and those with new ideas.

My participation in different Associations:

  • Board member:
    • Abay Insurance S.C.
    • The Ethiopian Space Science Society
    • Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Ass.
    • Amhara Development Association
  •  I was a Secretary of the National Women’s Association for Development, formed to enhance economic status of women through access to formal credit, training and technical service.
  • I was jury member of the Ethiopian Quality Award Association.
  • Attended the yearly World Bank meeting since 2010 on financial sectors challenges and synergetic problems from global environment change.

I am very excited to be part of the Advisory Board Committee of Green Shift Africa Forum which strives to empower Africa’s Green Economy. I am ready to share my experiences and participate actively in all events, campaigner and research projects. I am also very delighted to shoulder responsibilities to make a difference in today’s challenges of global environmental change.

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