Powering Africa's Green Economy

Ensuring sustainable food, energy and water resources for a greener future
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Access to Clean Water & Sanitation

Helping to improve sanitation and secure basic needs
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Food and Agricultural Growth

Promote sustainable agriculture and access to nutritious food
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Renewable Energy

Seeking alternative solutions to greener and cleaner energy production and consumption
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Empowering Rural Farming Communities

Supporting the development of rural farming communities and allocation of resources
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We encourage and promote sustainable development to spur innovations in green technologies and deliver affordable food, water and energy to all Africans


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Sustainable Investment 

We direct your money towards critically assessed solutions and initiatives that contribute to sustainable development

Collaborative Team

Our team consists of qualified, collaborative and inspiring professionals who share the vision of a greener Africa

African Footprint

We have members coordinating and directing movement in each major region and hub of Africa

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